Digital Infrastructure building today for everyone’s tomorrow.

We provide the technology to connect you with the future.

Digital Infrastructure Ltd is a UK Telecommunication Infrastructure owner and provider, supporting businesses and homes across the UK and internationally by keeping their networks connected to the world through FTTP services.

We are part of a new generation of Communication Providers that facilitate wholesale connectivity to multiple businesses and consumers, working closely with local authorities and stakeholders. Our technology integrates full fibre optic cable directly to the premises, providing a high-speed connection that is always on and reliable.

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Our Mission

Our goal is simple - to build areas of full fibre connectivity across the nation to provide businesses and people with a connection that is future-proof, reliable and hassle-free.

Our business has constructed an ecosystem that facilitates the growing need for quality connection. The work we do is essential to modern living and we intend to be a driving force behind digital transformation by working with partners, stakeholders and local communities.

We intend to find solutions to real life challenges, ensuring security and sustainability for the future.

Our work is national.

We are on track to cover 3% of the UK, affecting 1 million homes in 84 cities over the next 5 years. Our services will be deployed at pace and scale working closely with our partners every step of the way. Common purpose and collaboration will allow us to build an everlasting legacy that serves today and many generations to come.

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Our Product

Digital Infrastructure Ltd own and provide wholesale Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) service. Our contract with Openreach allows us to deploy our fibre network within existing infrastructures across the UK, where Internet Service Providers then supply internet connections directly to consumers.

FTTP is a future-proofed technology. The fibre broadband connection from the local exchange is connected directly to the router within your home or business, which is much faster than the old copper telephone line used by many other broadband services. As well as being cost effective, full fibre also reduces the amount of power consumption meaning lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint.

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Our broadband providers

We're a full fibre broadband provider who pride ourselves on reliable connections and best-in-class customer service. Upgrade your world today.
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Our Values

  • Safety - We always ensure safe work practices are in place for our workers, partners and communities.
  • Customer Journey - We aim to give the best experience for all internal and external customers through open communications and collaboration, ensuring a hassle-free process from start to finish.
  • Quality - We aim to be right first time by implementing the brilliant basics and use feedback to enhance our workforce.
  • People - We strive to be the employer and partner of choice within our industry.
  • Delivery Excellence - We deliver and, where possible, exceed promises with best in class project management.
  • Financial - Creating wealth for our partners and value for our investors is something we aim to fulfill in every project.


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