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10 tips to speed up streaming at home

Emma Reay, Communications Officer

Staring at a buffering screen for way too long?  

We’ve all been there.  

There are many reasons why you could be pulling your hair out while trying to stream.

Here’s 10 useful tips you need to know that will improve streaming at home, some of which may surprise you!

1. Reboot your router.

It may seem like the obvious one, but what was the last time you rebooted your router?  

They all need a reboot occasionally to ensure they are performing at their best.

2. Close your streaming app and open it up again.

App errors happen all the time.  

Sometimes your broadband connection could be performing at its best, but if the app has an error, it may not load at all.  

Try closing and opening again, it could be the fix you needed.


3. Remove some devices off your Wi-Fi that may be hogging up the bandwidth.

Do you really need more than fifteen devices connected to your Wi-Fi at once?

When was the last time you used your Wi-Fi-powered coffee machine?  

Are all your gaming consoles left on day and night?  

They may be causing you issues!

4. Move your router to a better location.

Walls, bookshelves, even fish tanks can give you a spotty connection.  

Wondering why streaming isn’t working as well as it should?  

Try moving your router to the middle of your home.

5. Do you have unwelcome guests on your WIFI?

Those quiet neighbours next door might not be as innocent as you think.  

Check your network for unexpected devices, they could be hours long into a new series piggybacking on your internet connection.

You can do this by downloading one of the many apps that scan your network and provide a list of all connected devices, we recommend Wifi Guard.

6. Are you on the correct broadband package for your needs?

If you have been struggling to watch your favourite new tv series and have more than ten devices connected to your internet, it might be time for an upgrade if you are hitting your data cap.

7. Choose a lower streaming resolution.

If you only ever watch the classic 10+ year old movies and pay for a premium subscription which streams 4k we have a simple fix for you.  

Choose a lower streaming resolution and downgrade your subscription to boost your streaming speed.


8. Upgrade your hardware.

This could include several things – Replacing your router if it is more than 4 years old, investing in a new smart TV with built-in apps or upgrading your streaming/casting device.


9. Disable your VPN.

There are perks to a VPN like being able to watch many more movies and TV shows, however your connection is rerouted which can cause delays and even buffering.


10. Change internet provider and get a better deal.

Full Fibre offers the best speeds around, perfect for homes with more than 15 devices connected to the internet.  

Say goodbye to buffering and hello to fast connection times and speedy downloads as fast as lightning.  

Changing providers and switching to full fibre could be the best route for you.

If it's time to switch internet providers to get the most out of your binge-worthy Netflix subscription with up to 13 x faster broadband, head over to our ISP Be Fibre who are on track to provide 5 million homes in 8 cities with speeds up to 1000mbps.  

Whether you’re addicted to binge-worthy tv shows, love gaming online in your free time or you have too many devices to even count, there’s an affordable package for everyone.