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Five things that could be affecting your internet speed

Emma Reay, Communications Officer

In this technology filled world, the number of devices we have connected to our broadband at home is increasing. Did you know, one of the most searched complaints on Google is about a slow internet connection? Thankfully, there are several things you can do to improve your broadband connection at home, and most are easy to do yourself!


Here are five things you didn’t know affect your broadband and what to do about it…


1.    Network traffic

The number one issue you may come across is multiple devices using the internet connection at the same time, which will of course affect your loading times drastically. It’s surprising how many devices we use, and most are not aware that the more devices you use, the faster speed you need. For more than five devices in a home, it is recommended that your download speed is between 150mbps – 200mbps (according to If you aren’t looking to upgrade your package but want to reduce congestion when everyone is using the internet at the same time, try to unplug or disconnect devices that you aren’t using.


2.    Router location

Did you know, walls, doors and even fish tanks can reduce the speed and reach of broadband in your home? If you can move your router around your home, try to improve its performance by placing in the centre of your home. Alternatively, invest in a range extender to improve your broadband range.


3.    Broadband speed

The biggest factor is of course your broadband speed. Signing up to the correct speed for your needs and investing in the best type of connection which is available to you is one of the best things you can do to avoid low performance. Many members of the public avoid shopping around once their renewal date approaches for ease of use, but this isn’t the best way to shop. With more and more devices being purchased which use internet connection, it makes sense to switch plans to suit your broadband speed needs.


4.    Your devices

One of the most overlooked factors in broadband speed is the device you use and its operating system. Having an old PC, laptop or mobile phone connected to a fast broadband network can still mean slow speeds. It is a good idea to ensure you use the latest devices and keep them updated as frequently as possible to get the most out of your broadband speed.


5.    Age of your router

Similar to your phone or laptop age, the age of your router is a big factor in broadband speed too! The older your router, the slower your connection can be. Old routers affect the range as well as speed of your internet at home, whereas the latest routers keep up with the speed of the provider. We recommend keeping your router for three years before needing to purchase a new one.


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