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How digital life has changed over the past 20 years

Emma Reay, Communications Officer

The advancement of technology over the past twenty years is truly remarkable.

Looking back to the start of the millennium where we communicated via brick phones, surfed the web through a dial-up modem and listened to music through a bulky portable CD player seems a lifetime ago.

Fast forward to present day and we are spending time in virtual reality, letting our cars drive for us and eating, sleeping, and breathing online through lightning speed connections.

Let’s look back on the past twenty years to see how digital life has changed for the better.

Back in the 2000s…

When dial-up internet connections were at the height of technology, texting was through a numerical keypad on a Nokia mobile phone, and nobody had heard of an iPhone or iPad.

In the 2000s nobody shared their lives on social media and all your free time was taken up by playing Snake.

MSN kept you in touch with your friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Friends were at the height of their popularity and nobody knew what Google was.

According to Pingdom, 361 million people had access to the internet compared to nearly 2 billion in 2020.

Fast forward to today…

Today our whole lives are online, we work, share, learn, sell, watch, and connect online through full-fibre broadband connections which are available at the touch of a button.

The gaming market has soared into popularity with its current market worth being £117 billion!

We spend our time streaming Netflix, the number one streaming service with 160 million subscribers and listen to our favourite music on Spotify and Apple Music through smartphones.

Communicating with friends, family, businesses, and work has changed too. What once was a simple telephone call can now be an email, instant chat message, Whatsapp, social media direct message or video call.

The ingenious solutions the world has brought us over the past two decades has been phenomenal, powering tech innovators to change our lives for the better.

What will they think of next?

These ever-growing digital changes now rely upon a fast broadband connection to see us through the innovative concepts that are altering our lives.

We are part of a new generation of Communication Providers that facilitate wholesale connectivity to multiple businesses and consumers.

Our technology integrates full fibre optic cable directly to the premises, providing a high-speed connection that is always on and reliable, ensuring you have a stable connection to connect, watch, learn and play.

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