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How to find out if you need faster broadband

Emma Reay, Lead Communications Officer

When choosing the correct broadband package for you, many things including the price, speed, line rental and other support costs are essential to ensure you will be happy for the duration of your contract.

In this guide we will help you to understand how to find out if you need faster broadband, and what our broadband speeds mean.

Only you know how much internet you use and how many devices are in your home, therefore it’s important you are clued up so you can make the best decision.

Usually you are one of three types of internet user:

1. A light internet user doesn’t use the internet at home very much.

They check emails and browse the odd website once or twice per week.
Light users need 150mbps or under for their limited use which can be used with 1-2 people in your home for casual web browsing.

2. Medium users can stream their favourite episodes every so often, use social media and purchase the odd thing online every now and then.
150mbps – 500mbps is recommended for medium internet users with 2-4 people.

3. Heavy users are the gamers, the frequent streamers and the file-sharing tech lovers who need the fastest possible broadband connections for use multiple times per day.

If there are multiple heavy internet users in your home, we recommend speeds between 720mbps – 900mbps which will allow 3-5 people in your home to use multiple smart devices for streaming, gaming and working from home on buffer-free video calls.

Points to consider when reviewing your broadband contract:

- Count how many people use your internet. The more people that use your internet connection, the more mbps you will require.
- Check how many devices in your home are connected to the internet.

It’s easy to forget how many devices you have, remember to include all smart phones, tablets, doorbells, home security cameras, games consoles, laptops and smart appliances.
- Understand what you use the internet for. If you have gamers in your household they also require internet with low latency (optimised to process a very high volume of data with minimal delay).

With all those considered, it comes down to simple maths to find out if you need faster broadband.

Give each person who lives in the house 25mbps, for every device add another 10mbps and swap for 25mbps if it’s a 4k device.

For example:
3 people = 75mbps
4 smart phones = 100mbps
2 laptops = 20mbps
2 games consoles = 50mbps
1 tablet = 10mbps
2 smart TVs = 50mbps
2 Alexa’s = 20mbps
1 home security camera = 10mbps

Total: 335mbps
(Recommended speeds based on

By adding up the speeds you need in this simple way, it’s easy to get an estimate of what type of broadband speed you require for your household.

Our newly launched ISP Be Fibre offers broadband speeds ranging from 150mbps – 900mbps.

With new locations being recently announced, why not find out if you are eligible for Be Fibre’s broadband packages at great prices.

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