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Six myths about broadband debunked

Emma Reay, Communications Officer

There are so many ideas, assumptions and myths about broadband speeds, providers, and contracts. Many of these are wrong or outdated and could essentially be costing you money! If you are stuck with a slow internet speed, want to learn more about how to improve the internet in your home or want to switch to another provider, keep reading!


Here are some myths about broadband and the real truth that you need to know…


Fibre broadband is expensive


The cost of faster broadband speeds has reduced dramatically over the past couple of years, but according to a survey from Which?, one in five people think fibre broadband is too expensive to justify switching. With the average person paying £32 per month for their broadband (according to U Switch), it really does make sense to switch providers if you are currently out of contract with your internet service provider.


Switching broadband providers takes too long


One of the most common reasons why people stick with slow speeds is because they think switching is too much hassle. However, there are many sites like U Switch and Money Supermarket out there who do all the hard work for you. You simply enter your requirements and current provider details; pick a package and they do the rest. The whole process is done swiftly and 100% hassle free… Except if you are switching from Virgin where you will need to contact both providers.


You get the best deals by sticking with your current provider


No doubt you researched and compared your current deal with lots of other companies when you signed up… But does this mean you still have the best deal around? Not always. Many new deals are released, especially around the January sales, Black Friday, summer sales etc. In addition, many providers charge their customers extra each year. Try switching and making use of some introductory offers, they are more common than you would think.


All fibre broadband is the same


While the term fibre broadband is attached to many different packages, not all fibre broadband is the same. Our ISP Be Fibre offer 150mbps (£29 per month), 500mbps (£39 per month), 720mbps (£43 per month) and 1,000mbps (£51 per month). Before switching, do your research and find out what speed you really need to ensure you pick the best package suited for your home.


Contact us here to find out if Be Fibre is available in your area.


Switching providers makes your broadband better


Switching every year could not always be the best thing for you unless you do your research. Many broadband services are provided over the same network (FTTC - fibre to the cabinet) whereas newer services like FTTP(fibre to the premises) enable customers to access faster services provided by full-fibre, generating quicker connections.


FTTP is available from Be Fibre – Find out more here.



You have to sign a long contract

One of the things which puts many people off switching providers is having to sign a long contract, especially if you plan to move house soon or are a student. Long contracts are a thing of the past for many providers and often they can be flexible cancelling, changing address and changing the package you signed up for.



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