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The benefits of full fibre

Emma Reay, Communications Officer

Full-fibre broadband is becoming increasingly popular, with many people across the UK switching broadband providers to get faster speeds.

But what are the benefits of full fibre? And, what could your broadband really be like if you switch? Let’s find out.

What is the difference between traditional broadband and full fibre?

Fibre-to-the-Property (FTTP) is full fibre broadband which provides a stable connection running directly from the exchange to your property.

Traditional broadband, called Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC), uses fibre optic cables to the main exchange, using old copper wires to connect to your property.

FTTP is capable of far higher speeds for both downloads and uploads going up to 1000Mbps through fibre cables with a glass core transmitted through light.

Whereas FTTC provides a much lower speed, averaging around 35-75mbps due to the copper element from the cabinet to the home being transmitted through electrical signals.

What are the benefits of full-fibre broadband?

Full-fibre broadband uses future-proofed technology, which is more reliable than traditional broadband, keeping a strong signal with less interference over a much longer distance.

This means greater bandwidth is achieved,which allows faster connection speeds.

Full fibre also requires less power —meaning both your energy bills and carbon footprint will fall.  

Will full fibre stop buffering?

Ever been stuck on a buffering screen? Who hasn’t.  

Full fibre is great for families with a busy home and over 10 smart devices connected via Wi-Fi.  

Full fibre stops buffering with its fast speeds no matter how many people are using the same connection, eliminating the struggles traditional broadband has at peak times.

Does full fibre increase download speeds?

Full fibre allows lighting quick download speeds, perfect for those who watch on-demand content online or who like to download full albums to their devices.

The time between purchasing an album and getting to listen is done in seconds with full-fibre broadband.

Do I need full fibre if I work from home?

If you run your business from home or are still working out of your home office due to COVID, say goodbye to broken sound and delays.

Full fibre gives you peace of mind when on video calls with its reliable fast connection.

Now you know how broadband should be, are you ready to switch?

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