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What internet speed do I need for online gaming?

Emma Reay, Lead Communications Officer

When you’re deep in a gaming marathon with your friends on a Friday night, the last thing you want to happen is lag, buffering or even freezing.

Before your next game it may be helpful to brush up on your knowledge to understand what may be causing you those infuriating problems with game lag.

So what speed do you really need for seamless game play hour after hour?

Before we get into the numbers, there are many factors that you need to consider.

If you are sharing WIFI with multiple family members or friends who also use the internet, you need to take those into account too.

Find out your recommended broadband speed based on the number of smart devices connected to the WIFI in our recent guide here.

The bandwidth requirement for games varies game by game, and online video games which are streamed online require a larger bandwidth.

It is hard to put an exact figure on how much data usage a gamer will need as it usually depends on what is running on the gaming console.

On average, playing games on Xbox Live can use between 50mb to 150mb per hour.*
*According to

How many mbps do you need?

- Up to two smart devices in your home used rarely for casual web browsing and emails requires up to 30mbps for one user
- Up to five smart devices in your home used for watching videos, social media, video calls and browsing websites requires up to 60mbps for up to two users
- More than 7 smart devices in your home used for streaming games, music and videos all at once requires 150mbps minimum for three or more users

A great way to get the most out of your broadband is to use an ethernet connection rather than Wi-Fi to give higher latency, a widespread range and extra security.

Wi-Fi connections are wireless which can be more convenient, however the ethernet connection is a wired connection transmitting data through a cable, a much more reliable tool to game with.

The minimum requirements for gaming online are 25mbps, however if you live in a heavy internet usage household with multiple laptops, smart tv’s, mobile phones, gaming consoles and tablets, each of these devices must be given a bandwidth allowance too.

For example, if you are gaming online, somebody is streaming on the smart tv downstairs, all of your smart bulbs are on, all phones and tablets in the household are connected to the Wi-Fi and are used regularly for social media, streaming songs or watching videos you may need a connection of over 300mbps.

The number of connected devices within our homes is rapidly growing and broadband connections are required to grow with these numbers.

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