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Your next career opportunity? UK-based telecoms roles

Digital Infrastructure Recruitment Team

Are you looking to move to the UK and work on solving exciting, impactful problems, in a highly-ambitious and inclusive environment? 

At Digital Infrastructure, we're proud to announce our global mobility program to help bring talented engineers from across the world to the UK.

Who are Digital Infrastructure?

We have secured major investment of £100m to deliver full-fibre broadband to up to 80 towns and cities in the next five to six years.

We are on a mission to provide full-fibre broadband to over 1 million homes across the UK, enhancing the way people live, work, and play.

With our dynamic team and committed investors, we are best placed to not only bring this ambition to life, but also exceed expectations.‍

Why Join Digital Infrastructure?

This is a phenomenal opportunity to join us early in our journey as we build the networks that will change and disrupt the broadband market across the United Kingdom. As well as a competitive salary and compensation package, you will have the chance to have a huge impact on the way people live, work, and play.

Here are some of our team in action, building a brand-new network to provide full-fibre (1Gb) broadband to the UK:

How We Can Support Your Move to the UK

Moving countries can be a huge undertaking. But we don’t want that to get in the way.

To support your move, we can help with:

  • The Visa process
  • Housing upon arrival
  • A settlement plan — helping you get accustomed to living in the UK
  • Welfare support
Charlie Ruddy, CEO

Note From Our CEO, Charlie Ruddy

We are thrilled to be able to recruit from all over the world to support our vision of building reliable and accessible networks that connect homes and businesses to the future.

We want to become the UK’s most efficient and inclusive communications company, with people at our core. We are always looking for like-minded and ambitious people to join our journey.

How to Apply

Click here to view our current open roles. Look out for roles appended with (International).