Our Team

Carlos Bock


I am a PhD qualified expert in broadband technologies with experience across multiple markets. I plan, deploy and operate broadband networks with a focus on FTTP technology whilst also having an interest in investments with an entrepreneurial focus.   

At present I am non-executive chairman of several ISPs and infrastructure operations. I am also a lecturer of Optical Communications at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Being able to share expertise and educate growing professionals is something I find hugely rewarding and motivating.

I believe our industry plays a pivotal part in society’s progression and am proud to be part of an organisation that is not only at the forefront, but is also a driver for positive social change.

Charlie Ruddy


I am passionate about releasing the potential within people and achieving targets in customer-facing environments with safety, quality and customer satisfaction at the core.

My 30+ years of experience across the telecommunication, electric, water, gas and highways industries allows me to lead business growth, deliver restructures and cost transformation agendas, all of which are huge motivators for me.

Building strong professional relationships is something I am no stranger to, I always say the best relationships are founded on trust, collaboration and delivered promises.

The reason I do what I do is because our work is sustainable. We harness the up and coming generation of leaders whilst delivering outcomes that are socially responsible.

Dave Mountain


I am a Finance and Investment professional, entrepreneur and investor with over 10 years of experience in the industry. I have experience developing businesses, both SMEs and large corporates across a multitude of sectors including telecoms, retail and energy.

I am very passionate about building businesses from a standing start and scaling them to significant organisations that challenge the status quo within the market in which they operate. I love what I do and find it hugely inspiring to grow companies and high performing teams that make a positive and diverse social impact upon our world.

Oriol Riba


My experience involves leading and executing multiple technical projects within fibre, networking and software development. On a personal level I am highly interested in research surrounding FTTH technologies, radio & optics integration and ultra broadband networks. It is important to stay aware and educated when it comes to direct and indirect industry developments, learning from others, whether it be individuals or businesses small and large, is something I encourage colleagues to do and share.

I have studied and obtained multiple degrees in the telecommunications sector which is something I am extremely proud of. I have a thorough understanding of the layers within our industry, which positively informs decisions that can ensure our business runs smoothly.
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