Our product

FTTP Network

Digital Infrastructure Ltd own and provide wholesale Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) service. Our contract with Openreach allows us to deploy our fibre network within existing infrastructures across the UK, where Internet Service Providers then supply internet connections directly to consumers.

FTTP is a future-proofed technology. The fibre broadband connection from the local exchange is connected directly to the router within your home or business, which is much faster than the old copper telephone line used by many other broadband services. As well as being cost effective, full fibre also reduces the amount of power consumption meaning lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint.

Benefits of full fibre

Future proofed technology

A full fibre infrastructure makes new services and home automation easy, so properties will always be at the cutting edge of what tenants want.

Streamlined infrastructure

The 3mm fibre cable and infrastructure design elimate the need for electrical equipment i.e.: floor switches and air conditioning. This means fewer points of failure.

Added Value & Cost Efficiencies

Instead of separated networks for broadband, TV, security, and other smart services, we provide one seamless network meaning lower operational and maintenance cost.

Future proofed technology

Full-fibre infrastructure reduces the amount of power consumption. This not only means lower energy bills but a reduced carbon footprint.

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